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How to Approach a Woman – What to Do When Your Approach Doesn’t Work Well

It doesn’t matter what, there are going to be those moments when you decide for you to approach a woman and you also totally see issues going really well in your mind and for whatever reason, it really doesn’t play out like this. When that happens, some guys get absolutely messed up and shed all of their confidence throughout approaching a woman. A few guys don’t however. What is it that makes which difference between the guys which let it get to them versus the ones that don’t?

Here the tao of badass dating guide for men tell you what not to do a in order that a bad approach won’t mess up your self confidence or your mind:

1. Remember that no matter what, a single approach gone incorrect doesn’t mean that the subsequent one will follow suit.

The majority of men who get cast off of their online game come to the conclusion which a bad approach will be somehow an indication how the next one will engage in the same way. Guys that do not allow themselves to have thrown off of their particular game know that one particular approach means practically nothing. It’s just one approach, nothing more than that. You will need to keep things throughout perspective and understand that one bad circumstance is in no way an indication how the next time you try to be able to approach a woman is going to go the same way.

2. Use bad experiences to learn from.

I have always felt as you learn more from your problems than you do from the successes. Sure, you would like as many successes as possible, but being able to take an issue that does not go properly and then become greater because of it makes you more powerful overall. Some of the largest lessons that I have learned about attraction have come from situations that didn’t go as prepared. Being able to learn from people experiences makes points easier down the road.

3. Learn to become adaptable.

Another good thing to do if your approach doesn’t go as planned is usually to learn to become a little more flexible. This is why guys who memorize outlines don’t really do that well most of the time. They are going up with their series in their head, use it, and when it comes flat – they do not know what to do. If you can adapt and become flexible, you’ll be able to turn a lot of poor approaches into honest ones with just a little bit of transferring. You can take scenarios that wouldn’t workout normally and make them work for YOU.

If you can end up being flexible AND create sexual attraction with a lady, any approach can become worth keeping fast.



Tips on How to Be Good in Bed for Men

Every man has that desire to be good in bed. For man, hearing that they are not as good in the sack can be quite damaging to their ego. Here some tips on how to be good in bed for men;

First, you need to be mentally ready. Sexual experts have been able to establish that sex readiness is mostly in one’s mind. Ones you’re able to ease your mind into it than the rest is bound to fall in place. It all starts with interest.

Second, foreplay. Foreplay is very essential in love making. Most men tend to just go in and they are done with for women that’s a turn off. Take your time, stimulate the sensitive parts of her body; the breast, lobe of her ears, the clitoris. Most men make a mistake of just rubbing the clitoris and that is just annoying, you need to be gentle and work your way around, if done right that is the most sensitive part in a woman’s body. Third, don’t be too quite, show that your are enjoying. This will help in keeping things interesting.

Imagine a scenario where you are just there, no facial expression, not even a sound, things can be quite awkward. On the other hand if your are both enjoying you will find yourself comfortable going an extra mile to make things interesting and spicy. Many argue that sex positions do not make a difference on how good a man is in bed.

On the contrary trying different positions can help in improving a man’s efficiency in bed. Missionary and doggie styles are the most common. Try out some other new moves. Explore more, got out bed, try different places.

Listening and paying attention. Listen to her and what she wants, if she really wants bigger dick then you should really think about using penis enlargement bible program to increase your dick size. Pay attention to what she likes and how she responds. Avoid being rough, remember your woman is not a porn-star, treat her well in bed this will help her feel more comfortable. In any case she can set the pace, if she wants it rough then go ahead. Work on your appearance.. How you look and present yourself plays a great role in your sex life. Confidence is a great factor in sexuality. Women want men who are confident both in bed and out there. Good grooming is also very essential. You need to dress well.

Finally, work on boosting your sex drive. Eat right, exercise often.

Does Tao of Badass strategy really work

Let’s face it men, getting the desired lady is not an easy task and not all men were born with the required skills. I am certain that almost all men would love to find out how to win the girl of their dreams without making a fool of themselves.

Before I tell you how to do this, I would like to give you a brief story of a man who was once where you are Joshua Pellicer was just a regular guy who did not know what to say or how to act when a hot chick passed by He did not like how this went and so he decided to find out where his problem was and how to solve it. That was how Joshua Pellicer came up with The Tao of Badass.

You may have heard this on radio stations or even saw him on the local channels talking about how The Tao of Badass works. In the guide, Joshua tackles key areas where guys qo wrong when approaching a hot chick and how to correct their mistakes. Many who have read Tao of Badass swear that it really works. Some of the common challenges men face are:- Continue reading

Tips To A Successful First Text

It can be extremely hard to figure out what to say when you want to text your ex back after a breakup. Most people will be eager to text their ex back right away only to find that they are too nervous to actually go through with it.

There are many doubts that will run through our heads as we think about text you ex back.

Thoughts such as:

“will I scare my ex away if I text them now?”

“What should I say to my ex?”

“Is saying hello enough?”

There are literally thousands of different thoughts that will go through your head when you consider what you should say when you plan to text your ex back. All these thoughts going through your head as you are thinking about texting your ex back may end up having a paralyzing effect on you.

For those of you who have went though this before in your life we will be going over some ideas to help assist you in making your first text after breaking up. Continue reading

Capture his heart again

Have you ever wondered how your grandmother stayed with your grand father for over fifty years? or how the old couple next door live peacefully without fights or argument?

This is the power that comes when you capture his heart .

Capture his heart tips- this does not necessarily mean capturing his monetary values as in gifts , being secured a house or buying Lamborghini or private jets. It is mostly non monetary values and inheritable values

Some of these capture his heart guide tips may include:


This is the magnet of attraction that he feels about you . He wants to be closer to you all the time , hug you and caress you . small attention like opening doors for you , opening a drink , pulling a chair , wiping small objects in your head ,rubbing your shoulders etc. This sudden great liking is very important in life of every individual it makes one feel loved -a feeling of ‘having backup ‘ when in need-.


We all need somebody who will ask us whats up love? wipe our tears and encourage . Its frustrating to not have somebody who cares for you when you are down and need attention.


When you make love with somebody you love you feel great and wanted . Sex is holy and should be used to create intimacy . It becomes enjoyable when you both cuddle and have a passionate kiss.


Time is money as the proverb goes , getting somebody who creates time for you is really hard even for those people in super relationships and have kids back home Most people instead of creating time create excuses -it easy to find statements like ‘ Honey i will be working late tonight so don’t wait up’

I know you must be wondering how they do i gain or capture his heart . Don’t worry because i will get there pretty soon .

How to capture his heart .

capturing a guy’s attention is hard leave alone his heart . To get there you don’t have to sweat . some tips on how to get there

  1. PLACE

Where you meet your guy matters a lot – if your guy is a religious guy you have to be religious too . as the saying goes YOU HAVE TO FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT . Go to church with him ,read bible together attend seminars etc.


As the saying goes ‘there is no rose without a thorn’ and ‘ eggs in one basket must collide ‘ You must fight and misunderstand each other to be together but don’t worry fights are healthy they make you understand each other .

I hope you find this helpful

Online Dating Tips for Men

Ugly Chicks Need Not Wink

Online dating is out of control. Its leaps and bounds easier than placing an ad in your local Penny Saver or *gasp!* talking to a human female face-to-face. You have a dashboard with which to highlight your attributes and make yourself seem amazing. A nice airbrushed photo here, a pinch of “I’m awesome” there…Badda Bing! Instant stud. Hell, some even do the work for you – not that you need the help, Mr. Wonderful.

The problem with the simplicity of online dating is this: any idiot can do it. User-friendly dot coms with cutesy surveys and search boxes help any semi-capable person out there to create a profile of the person they seem to think they want the world to see them as. And the problem with that is that we can all see right through it, Cowboy. Continue reading

Guys Top 3 Reasons You Should Date a Cougar

h, the cougar.  No, not the large member of the cat family that roams the mountain ranges of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.  The animal we speak of is the human cougar – the one that lives next door to you on Main Street, U.S.A., affectionately dubbed in popular media as Cougar Americanis.  From sea to shining sea, there are millions of cougars – good looking, independent, and strong women over the age of 35.   You’ll find them in the big cities and the small rural towns all over the country.  And capturing one is becoming one of the biggest trends among younger, adoring men who seek this elusive beauty for tons of different reasons.  Let’s look at why dating a cougar is a dang-good idea.

Reason to Date a Cougar #1: She’s the Total Package

Cougars are not only beautiful, but they’re the total package.  Never mind that she may have had her breasts augmented, her eyebrows lifted and her tummy tucked.  But the beauty doesn’t end there.  She also has the life experience to be not only a bombshell in the bedroom (yes, she’ll likely teach you a few things about pleasing a woman), but she also knows how to be a good listener, friend, and confidant.  Just like your mother, she knows the right things to say and when to say them, but unlike when you’re talking to mom, you can tell her anything and everything without her going psycho on you.  She’s lived life to the fullest, and she will share her experiences with you.  Unlike other women you’ve dated who may not have a lot to say, the Cougar has traveled and lived – so she’ll have more to talk about – and you’ll likely love listening to her.  No awkward conversation here. Continue reading